Dine at the Café

Refill Cafe is both a casual restaurant open to the public and an on-the-job training site for Refill’s 10-week workforce training program.

As part of the Refill Jackson Initiative, Refill Cafe strives to.

  • Serve delicious, healthy food in a well-designed space
  • Revive a community gathering place that welcomes everyone
  • Train & give opportunities to our young residents of Jackson

Support the Mission

The Refill Jackson Initiative is a non-profit with a mission to empower young adults. We train young adults, ages 18 to 24, to be more equipped and motivated to enter the workforce.

Workers need soft and technical skills—and we teach both. Program members learn these skills in a classroom setting and paid on-the-job training at Refill Café. Your donations support our members and make this program possible.

Join Our Program

Refill Jackson is more than just a training program. We seek to address members’ barriers to the workforce, provide long-term support, and build a lasting community.

After graduating from the program, members have the technical skills needed for employment and the soft skills to keep it. Our goal is to give members the skills and confidence they need to turn success at Refill into success at paid internships and/or long-term employment.

If you’re looking to gain skills and connections to full-time work, please click below to apply.

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